How To Clean The Leather Sofa Like Professionals?

A gorgeous leather sofa added to the living room of your home can enhance the classiness and elegance of your home ten times more. But even the slightest stain, spill, dirt patches, or musty odour can snatch away all the glam in minutes. And no matter how good care you take of your leather sofa, with time, use, and daily exposure to dirt and grime your leather sofa could appear dirty, smelly, and unappealing. However, you can easily reinstate its lustre and gleam with a precise maintenance routine. Are you eager to find out How to clean the leather sofa like experts? Then this write-up is a must-read for you as it is a treasure of information on secret cleaning tips shared by industry experts. Hire professional upholstery cleaning services for clean your leather upholstery.


7 Pro Tips on How to Clean the Leather Sofa

Are you wondering how to clean the leather sofa like the professionals? Then, follow the 6 tips mentioned below:

  1. Vacuum your sofa

Keeping your sofa clean and tidy is impossible when you have pets and children at home. Pet hair, food particles, etc, mingle with loose dirt and dust, making your leather sofa untidy, unhygienic, and really dirty. So, experts always suggest starting the cleaning program of your sofa with vacuuming. However, while vacuuming your leather sofa, you have to be extra careful, or else you can end up leaving scratches on your pricey furniture. So, always use a vacuum tool with a brush attachment.

Set the vacuum at the lowest power and slowly absorb all the loose dirt, crumbs, and contaminants. Use the crevice tool to clean the hard-to-reach parts. After that repeat the same vacuuming process on the cushions. 

  1. Wipe down your sofa routinely

Vacuuming is not enough to keep your leather sofa clean and polished. While suggesting How to clean the leather sofa, professionals always mention routine wiping of the sofas. Well, for wiping your leather sofa, always make sure to use microfiber clothing or a mop to avoid friction and scratches. Also, the clothing piece you are using to clean your sofa should be slightly damp and not wet. Using a wet mop during this process can leave unsightly water stains or spots on your leather sofa.

  1. Use the right cleansing product

While choosing a cleanser to use on your leather sofa, you need to pay careful attention and follow the instructions on the label of the furniture. For instance, if your leather sofa has a W label, it clearly indicates you chose water-based solvents.

If there is a P or S label, the sofa is also designed for dry cleaning. For WS and SW-labeled sofas, you can choose either a solvent cleaner or a water-based detergent. In case your sofa has an X label, you cannot use any detergent and better get it cleaned by professionals.

  1. A spot test is a must

Finally, when you have selected your sofa cleaner, it’s time to know the best process for using it. Well, before using any cleansing product on leather sofas, professionals never skip the spot test and also suggest that homeowners take the test as well.

So, for the spot test, take a small dollop of the cleaning solution and apply it on an inconspicuous area of the sofa and wait for some time to check the reaction. If everything goes well and your couch remains safe, apply it gently on your sofa. After that, using a soft microfiber towel, wipe it out.  While cleaning a leather sofa, always be gentle. Scrubbing the furniture can lead to scratches, wear, and tear.

  1. DIY stain removal that give results like professional

Stains are something that does not want to fade away with just cleaning. Professionals generally use the hot water extraction method to deal with pesky stains. However, at home, you can rub alcohol-water solution to remove both mild and deep stains. However, make sure not to use excessive alcohol as it can lead to discolouration of your furniture. Or you can also use aerosol sprays as they act amazingly in removing the stains of permanent markers. Just spray the solution on the stained area, leave it for a few minutes, and bloat it out.

  1. Condition your leather sofa

Conditioning your leather sofa is really important to retain its shine and gleaming finish. Professionals use a leather conditioner to make the surface of your sofa feel buttery smooth and velvety shine. If you want professional results, you should condition your leather after cleansing as well. While choosing a conditioner, pick a product that has the least amount of ammonia in it.

You can also prepare your own DIY leather conditioner using vinegar and natural oil. Speaking of oils, the flaxseed and lemon oil works best in bringing back the lost gloss while removing mild stains. To prepare your own leather conditioner at home, take a bowl and add vinegar and natural oil (pick any of your choices from the above-mentioned oils) in equal ratios and let them stay. Now take a soft microfiber towel, damp it with the mixture and gently wipe the sofa surface and leave it like that. On the following day, wipe out your sofa again, but this time with a dry and clean cloth. 

  1. Deodorize your leather sofa like the professionals

Professionals not only make your leather sofa spotless but also make it smell fresh and nice. As per the experts, cleaning remains incomplete without deodorising. Before you get your deodorising spray, make sure it is compatible with the leather type. Also, you can only just sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the surface and let it absorb all the musty odour from your safe. After that vacuum, it up, and there you go—a fresh smelling spotless leather sofa!

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Hopefully, now you know how to clean the leather sofa just like the pros, right? Well, cleaning a leather sofa is not as easy as it seems. You need to be extra careful throughout the process as a wrong approach can ruin your pricey asset. If you think all these steps could be hard to handle alone, you can always seek professional assistance.

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