How Much Does it Cost to Get a Couch Cleaned

The answer to How Much Does it Cost to Get a Couch Cleaned cannot be answered directly if factors are put forward. For suppose, if we take factors such as the material of the upholstery, the average cost it takes to clean it is around $220 and the least would be $120. However, on a typical note, in general, upholstery takes around $119 to $231 to be thoroughly cleaned. But if you want to go for a high-end upholstery cleaning, then the charges get raised to $350 for sure. The costs highly vary depending upon upholstery types as well. Like sofas, couches, chairs, recliners, loveseats, cushions along with their slipcovers. Hire CBD couch cleaning services in Canberra and get best cost of clean couch.

Cleaning Costs Based On Types Of Upholstery 

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Couch Cleaned” is what you might be wondering. But this depends on different factors like the ones below.

  • Sofas And Couches

Sofas and couches are the costliest ones among upholstery cleaning and that takes more time than the one you expect. Because of the size, shape and material type demand for it. If it’s leather and suede couches, they are very expensive as the cleaning cost varies from $200 to $500. The reason for this is the use of special tools, solutions and techniques you need to use for them. Besides this, the cleaning cost of upholstery varies between $100 and $300 if you clean sofas of the same sizes that are made of the same fabric. 

  • Recliners, Ottomans And Loveseats
  • Recliners- On average, most recliners cleaning by yourself takes nearly or less than $60 to $80. However, they also cost you more if your recliner is made of durable material that makes you comfortable. The range seems to be between $100 and $250.
  • Ottomans- When it is an ottoman type of upholstery you are cleaning, then it costs you the least. The cost you can expect is even less than $20 and the average cost is nearly $50. 
  • Loveseats- For upholstery like loveseats, the costs you need to bear as an owner are neither low nor high. Because with the right cleaning agents and equipment, the costs range between $60 to $120.  
  • A Set Of Different Chairs
  • Office Chairs- The costs you might be thinking that your office chairs take to be cleaned are more, but it is not. Because office chairs are especially adaptable and need no additional care and attention. So, in general, the cleaning costs only about $20 to $40. 
  • Dining Chairs- Because of the limited fabric types dining chairs are made of, they are the least expensive ones among upholstery cleaning. This can be good news to you that the charges are roughly below $30. 
  • Armchairs- Despite the cleaning products you are going to purchase for a thorough armchair cleaning, the cost will be more. The very reason is that product prices are standardised in the market. So, on average it takes between $40 and $80 if you want to clean your armchair today or after a month. 
  • Lounge Chairs- Lounge chairs cost you the most than the above-mentioned kind of chairs. Because being an outdoor chair it attracts the most dirt from its surroundings. Thus, you can expect to keep $50 to $100 at hand to regain your lounge chairs’ glory. 
  • Cushions And Their Slipcovers 

If it’s just cushions that you want to clean and not a sofa or couch all over, then it takes around $25 as cleaning cost. Because the products you use for cushions are highly budget-friendly and sometimes cheap. However, if you want to clean slipcovers along with your cushions, then $10 will be added to the average cost. 

  • Additional Factors Influencing The Cost 
  1. Based On Material: 
  • Leather- $175 to $190
  • Polyester, Cotton & Wool- $160 
  • Silk- $180 to $230. 
  1. Removal Of Stains: Based on stains, the costs for upholstery cleaning vary. Because there are different stain removers available in the market for both loose and stubborn stains. So, for cases like this, expect the cleaning work to be completed for around $20.
  2. Cost According To Linear Foot: If your upholstery has no linear footers then this factor is not applicable. However, in the presence of a linear foot, you need a special cleaning solution. And this rounds up to a total cleaning cost of around $10 or $20. 
  3. Soil Levels: Soil levels are one factor that gradually leads to wear and tear of upholstery and hence costs your pockets the most. The average cost to get rid of this soil from your upholstery needs a spot cleaning machine that is probably $120. 
  4. Use Of Cleaning Products: One of the best bargains you get when planning upholstery cleaning by yourself is with cleaning solutions. On average, a 20-ounce bottle of a liquid cleaning agent costs you about $14. However, depending on the cleaning method, you need different solutions and this is when costs vary. 
  5. Scotchgard Protection Treatment: If you want to give your upholstery protection against stains, then opting for Scotchgard protection is always the best option. And stain-blocking solutions available in the market are between $20 and $30 if the product is from a famous manufacturer. 
  6. Renting Steam Cleaners: When you want a quick solution as you are cleaning the upholstery by yourself, then you can rent a steam cleaner. The rent is $40 to $60 and if you outright want to buy it, then it would be around $150 to $500. 

How to Clean Upholstery


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