How To Remove Cat Hair From Couch?

Are you suffering from a cat problem in your house? Cats can be really cute and great pets to have around but it comes with a lot of troubles. One of which is having cat hair on your couch. You must clean your house frequently to get rid of the fallen hair from your cat. You must be searching for ways how to remove cat hair from couch. Having cat hair on your couch is a big problem and finding a solution to it is also not easy. You can surely have professional couch cleaning services to help you out. 

Although, opting for professional services frequently can put pressure on your monthly budget and can also give rise to your couch maintenance cost. There are surely a few ways you can opt for in order to clean your couch which are of low costs. Please note that it is very important that you know the type of material your couch is made up of in order to clean it well. There is always a huge risk of damaging the cloth of the couch if you do not put special care and attention to it. Let us now have a look at the few ways how to remove cat hair from a couch.

How To Remove Cat Hair From Couch

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuum cleaning your couch is one of the easiest and most simple ways to get rid of the cat hair problem you are facing. All you need for this process is obviously a vacuum cleaner. Hair always sticks to the fabric of the couch, making it extremely difficult for us to clean it. A vacuum cleaner can do the task with great efficiency. The suction from the vacuum cleaner can help loosen the hair from the fabric and ultimately cleans it. 

All you need to do is to use your vacuum cleaner for about 4 to 5 minutes on your couch to get rid of most of the car hair. Another bonus point it serves as it also cleans off any dirt and dust particles on your couch. You can do such a vacuum cleaning once a week or once in two weeks. Please note that you may have to repeat this process more frequently if you have more cats in your house. This was one of the most efficient ways how to remove cat hair from couch.

Wipe Off

Vacuum cleaner surely helps a lot by loosening the hair from the couch and cleaning most of the cat hair from the surface. It does not clean it completely. There are a few hair follicles always stuck on the surface of the couch or in the corners. All you need to do is to wipe it off using a rubber glove or a rolling hair comb. A vacuum cleaner surely can help you get rid of most of the hair but you need to hand-pick the rest. 

This will make your couch look perfectly clean and without any cat hair on it. You must perform this method every time, right after you vacuum clean it for better results. You can also use some other ways like an anti-static spray to clean it off. This spray really helps in loosening the cat hair follicles on the couch and thus, you can clean it more easily. Using an anti-static spray is not compulsory but it surely helps in easier cleaning of your couch. This way of wiping off the couch can surely guide and help you how to remove cat hair from couch.

Sanitization And Deodorization

It is not enough to clean your couch off. Cat hair is not a good thing to have around. It can cause a lot of diseases and irritation if it gets in your body through food or air. You must sanitize the area properly after cleaning it. There are many sanitization sprays available in the market you can use to get rid of the germs that come with cat hair. You can get any sanitization spray from the market but please note, you must not use too much of it on your couch. That may leave stains. 

After vacuuming and wiping off the rest hair with gloves, you can use sanitization spray on the couch. You must also pay close attention to the type of fabric on the couch. There are some sprays that can damage the fabric if used frequently. You can also use some deodorization sprays on your couch after the entire cleaning. A clean couch with a good smell is definitely an ideal piece of furniture for every household. This was one of the most efficient ways how to remove cat hair from couch.

Professional Cleaning Services

The last and most perfect option for cleaning your couch is to opt for professional cleaning services. There are some great and professional couch cleaning experts you can contact for your couch cleaning. The best ones in town also offer 24*7 emergency services. Professional couch cleaning services offer a number of couch cleaning services at very affordable rates. There are some specific techniques experts like to use to remove any stain or cat hair from your couch. 

Some of the techniques are steam cleaning, shampoo cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, deep cleaning, and many more. These expertly used ways can really help you in getting a nice and clean couch at the earliest. Kindly do not try to imitate any of the professional couch cleaning techniques by watching videos online. There is a huge possibility that you might damage the couch cloth easily. This was the best way how to remove cat hair from couch.


The above-mentioned points will surely guide you in cleaning your couch. The points are not only applicable to cat hair but all kinds of dirt and dust. Couch cleaning may take up a lot of time, thus, you can just contact the top professional couch cleaners in your city. This was the way how to remove cat hair from couch.